Monday, December 1, 2008

Submission Info

My little my first review/assignment is rapidly approaching, I felt it only fair to fill you all in on exactly how the submission process will work.

After each review/feature I post, I will assign a project for you, your friends, the crazy dude who lives above you, whoever! The project will be loosely tied to the subject of the reviews/features and offers you a chance to have a hobby and utilize that underused right side of the brain.

Assignments will purposely be left somewhat vague and open for interpretation (that's the beauty of the thing). Unless specified, you are not limited to any type of medium, size, style, or subject matter. However, for submission for inclusion on this page, you'll need to send me jpegs of whatever you create. For each assigment, we will post one example to give you an idea of things you can create.

The projects do NOT have to be super involved or technically perfect (but hey, kudos if you want it that way!) and you definitely do NOT need to be artistically inclined to contribute. Also, (unless specified) explainations of your project are appreciated but totally uneccessary. The projects are basically just a way for you to look at things more abstractly and creatively than you might otherwise and a means for sharing ideas and images with others.

To submit, email us at:

Not every submission will be posted, but don't let that stop you from creating. It's all about what you're learning from these projects. :)

That said, stay tuned for my review of Louise Bourgeois at MoCA Grand here in LA along with the accomplanying (FIRST!) assignment. There's certainly a lot to learn from this amazing, prolific artist. She's 96 and still making art every single day! Oh, and please check out our friends' links on the side bar. We have such amazingly talented friends, we just had to share with all of you! :)


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