Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello new friends! I would say "and old friends" but you're all new friends because this is a new page! So, welcome! I'll use this first post as an explanation. I Make Picture is a visual art-centric, informative, educational, project-based site where you'll (eventually) be able to read and learn about up-and-coming artists and outstanding exhibitions and shows as well as complete superfun assignments based on those artists and works.

Let's do an example so you're not totally lost. Maybe you'll read a review/feature on the artist Cindy Sherman (if you don't know her, by God do a Google search!) whose entire body of work consists of self-portraits where the photographer takes on a completely new identity with the help of lighting, props, makeup, and costume. Here at I Make Picture we might then create an assignment for you to do your own self-portrait where you become a character you've created. Basically a very watered-down version of what that artist makes, just keeping the major principles of the work.

The goal is to not only learn about other artists, but to spark your own creativity. So many of us get into the 9 to 5 (or whatever time) rut and lose sight of the creative endeavors we once made time to pursue. Hopefully, I Make Picture gives you a reason to get those juices flowing again. It doesn't matter whether or not you're artistically inclined...what matters is that you're exercising that beautiful brain of yours and learning something new. Perhaps even about yourself :)

And who are we to tell you? Hi, I'm Ashley. I enjoy donuts, sappy, girly music, and getting all kinds of nerdy about art. So much so that I even got myself a degree in art history and I work doing freelance reviews and articles on the subject here in Los Angeles. Oh yeah. I'm in Los Angeles where its always 85 degree and every dude with a spray can thinks they're Basquiat. My cohorts (in New York and San Fransisco) are equally dorky about art, and will hopefully introduce themselves very soon.

I'm pretty much spent. Hope you give us a chance. :)