Saturday, December 6, 2008

Assignment #1: Your Inner Child

Okay goes nothing. Hopefully you read my Louise Bourgeois review below, and were able to glean some of the hallmark elements of her work. Taking a note from Bourgeois, our first project will similarly teach you to look to memory as inspiration.

Assignment #1:

Taking the perspective of your youth, create a work that revisits a childhood memory.

As stated in the submission info below, there are no limitations to the assignment in terms of style, material, or content. After creating the work, send an image to:

Just so you have an idea of what things this project could include, I've done an example myself.

For my project, I've used two nostalgic symbols: Barbie and the Polaroid (which...I always use). Here, Barbie is viewed as a real person, with use of lighting and movement to show young girl's (including my own) idealization of her as the epitome of beauty and perfection. My project also intends to show Barbie as a girl's first source of information on anatomy and sexuality. Certainly a child's curiosity about such subjects is often imagined through this plaything.



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