Friday, December 26, 2008

Assignment #2: In Your "Projects"

...that was a rap reference. You think I don't know rap? Anyway, I truly hope you took the time to read our profile of LA painter Nick Phail (see previous post). Since Nick looks to his surroundings as a source of inspiration, he and I thought it only made sense for the next I Make Picture assignment to be one in which you did the same. So here it is:

Assignment #2

Create an image that is symbolic of your neighborhood

Lookie here, I took a few Holgas of surrounding parts of Los Angeles as my answer to the new assignment. Holgas are my new pet passion, but you don't have to take photographs for the project (though that certainly might be an easy way to tackle this one). All mediums are welcome, and we at I Make Picture are anxiously awaiting your responses. Remember, email jpeg's of whatever you create to


electrocuted said...

love the one with the laundry line. i think it's time for a print trade...

Ashley said...