Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Assignment #4: My Mixed Tape

If you read our feature on D'Nell Larson, then you're aware of the impact music can have on a body of work. Even though this technically is I Make Picture, we've decided to highlight the aural aspect of D'Nell's sentimental works as we assign our anticipated next project.

Assignment #4: Create a playlist for your life's soundtrack.

Threaded through D'Nell's latest collection are the songs that signified special moments within her life. We all have memories tied to music whether it was playing at a pinnacle point, or you simply wore a hole into your CD playing a song that held considerable significance. We're asking you to share a sort-of mixed tape of the songs that most represent the story of your life as it is. You can simply email a list of your memorable music to IMakePicture@gmail.com. If you'd like to elaborate, add links, videos, photos, whatever, GREAT. If not, we're just happy you shared some new tunes with us. :) Can't wait to hear all your playlists.

Here's mine:

1. "5 on a joyride" Cody Chesnutt
a time I felt undisputedly loved
2. "I Know" Fiona Apple
3. "I've Been Let Down" Mazzy Star
"make me feel I belong to you, make me feel it even if it ain't true"
4. "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" Counting Crows
all I needed to hear that night.
5. "As Cool As I Am" Dar Williams
thank you for sharing your secret with me
6. "Don't Use My Broken Heart" Leona Naess
"Halloween, it was you who kissed me. That's where it began and all ended for me."
7. "Fast Car" Tracy Chapman
the only song you'd let me play in the car
8. "Possibly Maybe" Bjork
9. "Northern Lad" Tori Amos
"I feel the West in you but I feel it falling apart, too."
10. "Parting Gift" Fiona Apple
" ...the sign said stop but we went on whole-hearted it ended bad, but I love what we started"
11. "Friday I'm in Love" The Cure
so happy.
12. "Sandalwood" Lisa Loeb
13. "Out of Habit" Ani DiFranco
when I learned how to use 4-letter-word effectively
14. "California" Joni Mitchell
15. "Dangling Conversations" Simon & Garfunkel

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