Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

Heather Cantrell's latest portrait photography exhibition may have closed August 15th, but her concept lives on. Miss Cantrell informed us that she hopes to take her portrait studio to the streets, possibly even in an upcoming exhibition in London this fall! We only hope she'll keep IMP updated on all her future endeavors. :)

Before we move on to our next feature and project (which we are VERY excited about!), we have one last shout out to Heather's wildly fun exhibition at Kinkead Contemporary. The photographer invited yours truly and a friend for a private portrait session and things got a little...scandalous. I can't say much, but a stuffed baboon, the Union Jack, and tequila were involved. We swiftly moved from more traditional-with-a-twist portraits, to daring, avant-garde shots. Check out the photos that were PG-13 enough to post below! Thanks to Heather and to Whitney for scanning and sending us the pictures! xo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moore and More Portraits

Matt Moore is not only a friend of I Make Picture but a witty blogger in his own right! The Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, all around humorist (MM makes appearances at IO West and Upright Citizen's Brigade) created the weekly-updated Morning Light News, in which he takes oft-devastating real news stories and sarcastically looks for their "silver lining" in the spirit of The Onion or "The Daily Show" but with a decidedly original spin. Make sure to visit his blog often for a good laugh.

IMP was lucky enough to have Matt create another of our assignments (he also created an unforgettable UFO for #3: Out of This World). Below is his take on Assignment #7: Dress Me Up (see previous post for project information), a project designed after Heather Cantrell's recent collection of portrait photography at Kinkead Contemporary. Matt set up a table full of props near his Franklin Village apartment and invited passersby to pose with their choice(s). You have to give him props for that, no pun intended. Okay, pun VERY intended.

I've also included another adorable project from my old bestie, Anna Poston. Always gifted with art, Anna now uses her skills mainly as a wedding dress designer in Chicago, Illinois. She looked for inspiration at work when choosing a prop for the portraits she took her newly introduced beach volleyball teammates. Asking several young gentleman to pose with a tiara proved an interesting experiment in obvserving a little gender role playing. Come on, loved wearing it! It shows! Thanks again Matt and Anna!

Artist: Matt Moore
Assignment: Dress Me Up
Materials: clock, Union soldier's hat, christmas vest, 'Turbo' sunglasses, box camera, glove, home-made Simon and Garfunkel reel-to-reel

Artist: Anna Poston
Assignment: Dress Me Up
Materials: willing gentleman, camera, tiara