Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

Heather Cantrell's latest portrait photography exhibition may have closed August 15th, but her concept lives on. Miss Cantrell informed us that she hopes to take her portrait studio to the streets, possibly even in an upcoming exhibition in London this fall! We only hope she'll keep IMP updated on all her future endeavors. :)

Before we move on to our next feature and project (which we are VERY excited about!), we have one last shout out to Heather's wildly fun exhibition at Kinkead Contemporary. The photographer invited yours truly and a friend for a private portrait session and things got a little...scandalous. I can't say much, but a stuffed baboon, the Union Jack, and tequila were involved. We swiftly moved from more traditional-with-a-twist portraits, to daring, avant-garde shots. Check out the photos that were PG-13 enough to post below! Thanks to Heather and to Whitney for scanning and sending us the pictures! xo

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