Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Things Poppin'...

Hello IMP friends! And friends of friends, etc! I noticed I haven't posted in a while...maybe you noticed too....err...Sorry! Please don't think the lack of posts in any way indicated the slowing down of things at I Make Picture. We've actually got several pots boiling at the moment, so to speak, and we thought we'd take time to let our readers know what's in store!

#1: Twitter. It's frightening, I know. Nevertheless, we've started our very own Twitter @IMakePicture so you can see links to shows, art events, and anything cool and creative you might enjoy. I'll try to keep the tangents to a minimum. To sum up, follow us!

#2: New feature/interview: Today I have the great pleasure of checking out the current exhibit at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), "I Feel Different," a group show that includes the amazing Lezley Saar (daughter of one of my personal favorite artists, Betye Saar), James Luna, and Susan Silton. Susan has also been gracious enough to accept of our offer of being the next Featured Artist, so we'll have some cohesion for the next posts/project! Please keep checking, the review should be up this next week.

#3: Keep making pictures! That is to say, just because we posted assignment from other readers, doesn't mean I'm not in need of more projects. We really like to show different perspectives and alternate direction each assignment can go. I Make Picture isn't about encouraging people to make many versions of one particular thing, but rather to plant a seed in your creative mind to get you to try something you might not otherwise think of. We want you to be using muscles you haven't flexed before! And on that note, please pass the word onto friends, co-workers, peers, family, neighbors, etc...anyone who might be interested in a creative outlet. We need you to help this idea succeed!

Let's end with some pictures, shall we? One of the things I (Ashley) have been working on in this little hiatus is perfecting my skills with my old 35mm Minolta and many old-school lenses. Here are some photos I shot of our partner in crime Lydia Hyslop ( Get inspired!

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