Monday, March 30, 2009

Dream Boys and Dream Girls

In response to our latest Assignment #5: Venus and Mars (which was in conjunction with the recently -reviewed She show at Los Angeles' Michael Kohn Gallery), some art-lovers from zip codes all over have been inspired to create projects which depict fantasy/archetypal images of the opposite sex (or in Karin's case, the same sex through the opposite sex's eyes. It's ok, Karin. We'll still post it.). Below are projects from Karin Balke, Nick McPhail, and our newest friend Marzette Hendersen. Thanks everyone!

This is McPhail's study of a work by the artist Eric Fischl, whose work frequently deals with themes of voyeurism and sexuality.

Henderson explains of his contribution:
I was browsing through a men's magazine and came across an underwear ad with a semi-nude male wearing nothing but underwear. I thought to myself, if you want to sell men's underwear then why not put them on a woman (unless your target is a gay man). Sex sells after all.

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